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Cancellation Policies

Policy changes and cancel reservations

1. Any changes or cancellations to your reservation must be requested when Phone: 01 (661) 614 14 88 Ext 1612 or 1615.
Toll Free: 01 800 025 6093 United States Toll Free: 1 877 315 ​​1002 with minimum anticipation of 7 days before the date of arrival providing the (s) key (s) confirmation.

2. In high season any change or cancellation must be requested two weeks before the date of arrival, provide the (s) key (s) confirmation.

  • Low season: (3 January to 17 March 28 March to 26 May, September 6 to December 28)
  • High Season (18 March to 27 March 27 May to 5 September, 29 December to 2 January)

3. no change or cancellation made in time and as above, will be the charge for the amount of one night plus tax for each room to the credit card with which the reservation is guaranteed.

4. The hotel made a charge with the bank that issued the credit card on the reservation is made before the guest's arrival warranty for one night. Failure to pass this charge, the reservation is considered as not guaranteed, and the Hotel is not obliged to respect the reservation.

5. In stays longer than one night, if the guest fails to arrive to the hotel, the charge of "No Show" will be applied only for the first night booked plus taxes to credit card with which the reservation is guaranteed . The rest of the stay will be automatically canceled.


Only you request credit card guarantee and / or coupon.

If it is by means of deposits, are due on 24 hours before reflected in the hotel's bank account, if passing through weekend the deposit should be reflected the previous Friday. For bookings made the same day the payment is not allowed.

If there are no guarantees in reserves, cancellation policies will apply TA 72 hrs. After you have made your reservation
Applying a "non-refundable" invalid cancellation policy.

There will be extra charge for additional person $ 25.00 or the equivalent in pesos at the current exchange rate (above 10 years).

The maximum capacity of people depend on the type of room reserved.

Reservation policies.

To reserve:

  • Direct reservations (when the customer personally requests your quote) and indirect (travel agents, promoters, etc.) can be confirmed until eleven months prior to arrival. The latter will have the same reservation policies that direct customers and their commissions will be awarded according to the contract agreed with management.


  • The promotion or discount fares are non-refundable (both direct clients and agencies or promoters) in case of cancellation, no show or early departure. Date changes are subject to availability and may do so only once. If you need to make a second change, there are no refunds in case of not having rooms available and will be taken as "canceled reservation".


  • Reservations are valid only through the following authorized Internet portals: www.puertonuevobajahotelyvillas.com, group expedia.com, booking.com, Bestday.com, despegar.com, and by telephone, as long as the card is registered and signed by the reservation agent on duty and corroborate with the customer the following information: name of the person responsible for the reservation, type of room (single, double, triple or quadruple with ocean, garden or Jr. suite), date of entry and exit, hometown, whose name is requesting such reservation, reference phone and / or email, nightly rate, estimated arrival time and route of transport. (1)

To confirm a reservation:

To confirm a reservation may be made in two ways:Credit Card (TC), leaving the following information: type of card (Visa, Mastercad, American Express, Discover, Pay-Pal), Bank belongs to, full card number, security code, expiration date and name owner. The full charge at the time of booking will be done.As a second option, we accept cash deposits to our account with the amount of the first night or want to make full payment will save you time when you register. the (s) room (s) required (s). Once this transaction we inform the customer must send a copy of the card data warehouse email to register with your reservation and your arrival bring the original (2). The hotel will give you within 2 business days for the deposit is made, in case of not doing your pre booking will be canceled automatically. If the deposit is registered after two days, the hotel is not responsible for the availability of room (s) request (s).No personal checks for payment of hotel and / or consumption is accepted.

Entry policies.

On arrival:

Check in is from 15:00 hrs. Just in case you have available (s) room (s) will be (s) awarded (n) previously.Check out is at 11:00 hrs. However, if the client requests longer retain the room you will have advance notice of receipt and check availability. If so, it should cover an extraordinary fee (half the rate paid per night before 15:00 hrs. After this time, the room rate is paid full.It will depart (n), regardless of the arrival time, the (s) room (s) who has (have) booked through a bank deposit or credit card.TC registered with reservations will be charged the remaining (s) night (s) of (s) room (s) request (s) at 18:00 hrs (Mexico City time locally) if the guest has not arrived yet. If appropriate office, depart regardless of the arrival time, the reservation. If you fail to pass the card through lack of funds or disability shall be removed from the reservation.Reservations recorded via telephone, email or Internet promotion (free nights, discounts and / or breakfast included) are non-refundable and must be fully covered before your arrival. At the time that the hotel receives payment through a bank deposit, wire transfer, credit or debit card, the customer accepts and agrees to such confirmation and cancellation policies.Puerto Nuevo Baja Hotel and Villas is not responsible for the errors or omitted details that provide the client or group. Also, in case that the hotel has some unforeseen and / or changes carried out by force majeure to the (s) reservation (s) of the client or group, and the hotel to contact them, in Sales Management and / or reservations shall be authorized to make any changes it deems necessary for an effective solution of the parties. So the host or group accepted without any claim proposed by the hotel.


Reservation cancellation:

To cancel a direct booking the client has a period of 7 days before, during low season, and 14 days earlier, in mid or high season (bridges or holidays, summer vacation, Christmas and New Year, Easter and Passover) the date of arrival for refund of 100% of your deposit or charge card.To cancel an indirect or group reservations, organizers or agencies have a period of 45 days prior to arrival date for return of 60% of your deposit.Cancellations, no show or early departure with promotional fares (discounts, free nights and / or breakfast included) they are not refundable.The hotel does not accept extended or money back after the expiry of the deadline. No refund 100%

Cancellation of stay:

When the client or group shall have to advance his departure for some cause external to the Hotel will be restricted the total or partial refund of the nights already paid.

Please complete the following information by email or fax for your pre reservation and / or after confirmation:
Name reservation and room type:Confirmation code:Number of people:City Country:Phone:Email or other contact:Arrival: Day / Month / Year. From 15:00 hrsDeparture day / month / year. At 11:00 hrsRequest or comments:Total nights stay:Rate per night / Included / Tax Plan Type:Total fee to pay:Promotion:Charges / Booking Form:

Reservations promotional rate (discount rate, free nights and / or breakfast included), so that (s) room (s) is (n) blocked (s), you must make a bank deposit of the first night. Or want to make full payment will save you time by registering the payment should be recorded at least 7 days prior to arrival before (DD / MM / 2011- TIME). Otherwise your reservation will be canceled. Post-marked date, payments will be subject to availability. We ask you to please once registered payment, fax or email the deposit slip and bring the original arrival.
Credit card: If you prefer the post of the first night or want to make full payment will save time by checking may be by credit card, please note: if Visa, Master Card, American Express, complete number of the card owner's name, expiration date and security code (last 3 digits / 4 for American Express). The Hotel will charge the first night thirty days prior to your arrival, or immediately if your reservation by email or phone before the deadline.
Cancellation Policy: To cancel a reservation normal rate with minimum charges, the client must contact the hotel thirty-one days before your arrival so that you can make a charge only 25% rate payable on the first night. Group cancellations rate normaldeberán be requested forty-five days prior to arrival. After this time or No Show, the client or group will do the full charge for the first night stay and not refundable. The promotional fares (discounts, free nights and / or breakfast included) that are canceled or no show, not refundable, even if the payment was partial or total.Show: when the client or group should advance its output outside the Hotel grounds, the partial or total charge already made will not be refundable. If the guest has uncovered your stay, then you charged an additional night's accommodation including taxes. Not applicable the return of partial / total amount paid in promotional prices.Date changes: not applicable on promotional rates (discounts, free nights and / or breakfast included). For normal rates if the person or group have to change the date of arrival, rooms are subject to availability and may only make a change. If there is no room or time available and the customer can not travel on the date of original reservation, it is classified as canceled and charge the first night of stay will not be refundable.Name change: Not allowed once booking is confirmed.Changing room type: Room upgrade subject to availability. If you have it, it will be confirmed by electronic mail or fax.Groups: Group shall be deemed to request reservations least ten rooms or more.Note: This confirmation shall be deemed notified and accepted by the host or group, when being sent via fax or email and paid / deposited / charged to your credit card.

Facts bank accounts.
To guarantee the reservation please make your deposit in the following account numbers: o fill the authorization formBANCO SANTANDER 6550-3494-650 peso / dollar 8250-0586-671 to nameDESARROLLADORA EDD. Inc. DE C.V.CITI BANK: a name DESARROLLADORA EDD. Inc. DE C.V.CHECKING ACCOUNT 205567456 322271724 WIRE TRANSACTION OF A USA USA(Please send proof of payment and dereservacion number along with your billing information otherwise not tax invoice will be issued)reservations @ puertonuevohotelyvillas


Check in 15:00 hrs. - Check-Out 11:00 hrs.Any increase in the number of adults is subject to an extra charge.NO WE HAVE ACCESS FOR DISABLEDWe do not have air conditioning.Early departures only with future creditPrices including taxes.Pets are not allowed.

The cancellation policies are subject to change without notice.