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Lobster Village

At the Lobster Village

Discover the magic of a small town of fishermen with an outstanding tourist vocation. Known worldwide for the particular way to prepare the lobster, Puerto Nuevo is located 10 minutes south Rosarito, Baja California, and 50 minutes from San Diego, a truly privileged location that calls the attention of the national and international tourism.

Puerto Nuevo, according to history, was founded in the mid 1950’s by the Plascencia family who took care of introducing the succulent dish that is now a true symbol and pride of this fishermen village. Nowadays there are over 30 restaurants specializing in preparing the Puerto Nuevo style Lobster, among so many other delectable dishes based in this delicious sea product.

The Puerto Nuevo style Lobster is fried and served with beans, rice, huge flour tortillas and a spicy red sauce on the side, a true delicacy for the palate that has placed Puerto Nuevo in the eye of the gastronomic tourism.

Dare to be a tourist in Baja California and discover the always pleasant hospitality in the purest style of Puerto Nuevo.